Xennydreamr - Drive-in At Benji's

Creep Up is the opening track on the Drive-In at Benji’s EP by Xennydreamr and it starts with straight vibes. I feel like this track is dedicated to the stoners for sure! Its smooth and west coast vibey kinda like some snoop shit but on a 2020 wave. I love the influence of 80s hip hop in the production. I can already imagine a video with lots of weed and smoke and hydraulic cars cruising through the hood. It’s a chill and laid back jawn thats good for lighting yo blunt to. Great way to kick off a project I must say! Then we transition into ‘Notice Me’ where Xennydreamr shows off more of her flow skills. The cadences are hard af and in the perfect pockets. It makes me move and has a nice bounce that’s unique and fresh. The production on this track is simple and happy. Perfect summertime energy in this record. My favorite part is how she jumps straight into the verse and right into that pocket that sets a tone for the whole track. Sometimes artist find flows that really portray the energy they feel while creating the record. That’s not easy to do but she nailed it. I wouldve loved to be in the studio while this project was being made. I wouldve been on the couch high af bopping my head with that mean mug on my face period!

Next up is ‘What’s Happenin’ and once again the 3rd track has a vogue that’s unique and hard af. It reminds me of the previous track Notice Me but nothing is wrong with that in my opinion because that’s the purpose of a project, to tell a story. The hook on it has a really dope rhyme scheme to it. How in the hell did she make poppin and callin rhyme?? Talent I guess lol. I’m a huge fan of starting a song with a verse and that’s a pattern I see in this work. I fuck with it.

Lastly but not least we go the finisher ‘Cozy’. I love how the first and last record have very similar vibes. It’s like Creep Up is saying welcome and come on into my world. Then Cozy says pretty much that you can stay and keep enjoying the ride and the home I’ve created in these 4 records. I’m not sure if that was the intention, but that’s how I hear it. I also love the word cozy, it just looks dope lol. Keep it cozy is like shes saying keep it loving, keep it vibey, keep it warm and always have good intentions when around me and when entering my world. I love the production in the entire project so Wiz Khalifa and Snoop inspired. Also a lot of Houston influences with the screwed and chopped elements. This EP was much needed for my psyche right now during these terrible times. I feel positive and happy. I listened to it a few times outside on my patio and it took me away from all the chaos on social media and right outside of my apartments where people are protesting in the streets of LA. Thank you for this Xennydreamr and keep pushing these vibes to our people and the communities I’m sure you inspire!

Sincerely Foxx

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