Wendy Lucas - Best I Can

Wow, just….wow. I have to say this new artist, Wendy Lucas is super talented. Her vocals in her new record ‘Best I Can ft. Andy Stilson’ is my favorite part of the record. It starts with a country inspired electric guitar and opens with her smooth, delicate vocal that shines brighter than a full moon in gemini. Wendy’s tone is strong and light at the same time, sort of like Norah Jones but a higher range. She uses a few small runs throughout the song and she managed to have them in the perfect places to give that little tingle in the back of your neck. Like magic.

The lyrics and melodies of ‘Best I Can’ are sentimental and loving. The melody has a smooth alternative sound over country guitar chords. When I first heard it I immediately thought of the band Sade but Wendy is definitely her own brand. The melodies have a slight R&B feel to it as well. Who has specific genres anymore in music right? I love the mixes of influence in this piece. Andy Stilson did an amazing job on his accompanying on the single. They should actually collab on more tracks because I can feel the chemistry coming out of my speaker. I wonder if Andy can sing because it wouldve been dope to hear a male singer somewhere in the song. Maybe on the BGVs or in the hook I could hear him or another male artist coming in and singing their point of view to her, just my suggstion….remix?

The only thing I would say about the record is to watch the levels in the mix. I can hear a very very very small level change in the sound towards the beginning of the song. It’s not horrible but I noticed and yet, I am still obsessed with the track. It makes me feel more positive about love and relationships that I may have in the future and it gives me a nice reminder that we need more songs about love. We do not have a lot of artist, especially new artist who are not afraid to create messages of love and to like and care for someone anymore. So thank you Wendy for giving this nice piece to us and being strong and courageous enough to put this out in the world, much needed babe!!

‘Best I Can’ ft. Andy Stilson drops on July 10th. I had the pleasure of hearing a pre-release version of this record and it was an honor to blast Wendy Lucas in my bedroom for the past two days! Please go download this record because you might need it!!

Sincerely Foxx

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