Suwayt - Dreaming Lucid

Suwayt is a new artist I just recently discovered and shes bomb afffff! Her look is poppin and her sound is chill, vibey and fire! The production in her new single ‘Dreaming Lucid’ has a European feel and kinda east coast USA vibe too. She doesn’t sing and I wouldn’t even say she raps, it’s more like shes just talking on the track with good temp and dope cadences. Suwayt’s tone is my favorite part of her artistry. Its comforting, smooth and deep, which I love in female artist. Dreaming Lucid starts with a Biggie Smalls sample from his classic single Juicy. The energy is instantly set at a high bar with our legend speaking to us in the intro, then she comes in with a sexy low registered vocal and catchy lyrics. I can literally listen to this track all day every day any where. It’s that record that you’ll hear at a party, at a fashion show or in the car driving to the function. It’s one of the most unique records I’ve heard all year and since last year hell. The production is dark but fun at the same time sorta like Pop Smoke who I LOVE so if she is a female Pop Smoke I’m game!!! Yall definitely just got a plug from me on this new artist, go check her out and lmk what you think. You wont be sorry

Sincerely Foxx

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