Naomi Jet - Come For You

Starting with the fresh Caribbean vibe in the production I fell in love! The beat is simple but present in the track. It’s so refreshing, smoove and also energetic. It makes me want to go to the pool and eat popsicles with my little cousins. I fuck with the transition in the first measure of the song with the use of the “telephone” plug in which can sometimes be corny on an intro but I wasnt mad at it this time

The full energy of this ‘Come For You’ record reminds me of 2000s New York when Lumidee and Nina Sky was dropping those summertime bops. What a song makes you feel like doing or maybe what it reminds you of is one thing that I look for. If you can put me in a certain mood or give me a certain feeling then I am going to listen to that record all the time or even forever.

Naomi Jet’s voice is innocent and steady. She has a tone that is stern enough to believe and soothing enough to understand. This track got me over here winning chile!!!!! Naomi is an UK artist and her influences are strong in this single. I am a big fan of UK music and Toronto especially. The lyrics are not usual to an American artist like me,but I can comprehend the slang well. She stalking about dancing and having a good time with a guy and seeing where it could go after a fun night of slow wine and drinks. The cadences in the verse have lots of movement and I mean movement of the hips!! The hook is simple and melodic just like a classic island vibe. The only suggestion I would give is maybe to play around with the percussion to find a unique rythme and shock the listeners in the breakdown or behind  the hook. No shade to the producer, but I just feel it could be taken up a notch to another level. If you haven’t already go check  out Naomi Jet’s new single ‘Come For You’ it is out now if you need some nice happy waves to come through, download this ting!


Sincerely Foxx

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