Natural thing starts with the track ‘Over The Bay’, a beautiful record with real authentic instruments. In 2020 we don’t get this that much from upcoming bands or solo artist. Its all electronic sounds, which I also love but it is pretty refreshing to hear the human energy transcending through a guitar, drum and keys. This track has a nice message and melody to it that makes me feel like i’ve actually gotten over something that was hard or uncomfortable, like I got over the bay literally. Then it goes into a blues/rock vibe that makes me wanna crack open a beer and play some pool with a random guy at a bar. ‘Art Of Deception’ has a smooth tone to it with some dope drums and electric guitar. I really love the name and lyrics of this track too! It’s mysterious and informative at the same time. It’s as if your older sister or mom is trying to warn you of a life lesson. I needed that one personally.

The horn comes in right away on the next song in ‘Natural Thing’ and sets the mood for the theme of this album once again. Her voice is so relaxing and angelic which makes the songs so much more jazzy. It reminds me of the jazz festivals in New Orleans near the river in Spring time! People can dance and enjoy crawfish and family while Melic Moon performs on the main stage, I can see it. The melody of this track specifically is digestible and heartfelt. ‘Shattered’ is my favorite song lyrically and melodically. I really fuck with the chorus “that’s no way to get my loveeeee”…period!! “Pick up the pieces now that I’m shattered” it’s like come on bro you broke this, you broke us and now you need to be responsible enough to fix it and fight for me! Come on sis!! Ya betta tell him! I just wish the harmonies in the bridge would’ve been stronger sound wise. I could barely hear them and I wanted to FEEL them ya know. But I love this record A LOT!!

A creepy space then comes in to take us somewhere else for a moment….ok let’s go! ‘Rose Moon’ has a darker vibe with an intense message about love. The instruments are spiritual and compelling kind of like a Stevie Nicks feel but in their own way of course. The background vocals keeps the flow going so nicely. I love her tone and essence in this track. ‘Too Late’ transforms the mood into an acoustic vibe to show off her vocals more. I think she got her chance to shine here and hold her own as a vocalist and she killed it! I absolutely vibe with ‘Slow Down’! It feels so good and classic. I can listen to this while I walk down melrose drinking caramel macchiato during the sunset hours. It’s a reflective song that most of us may need to take in for a moment. And last but certainly certainly not least we get the pleasure of soaking it in with ‘Soak it In’. This was a great way to close out the project on a positive loving tip. The lyrics are once again super reflective with a self love vibe and telling listeners to love people even if they did you wrong. Let it shine is what she says to us, meaning let all things shine. The good, the hurt, the people who hurt us and the people we might’ve hurt too. What an amazing body of work Melic Moon, I recommend you go listen NOW!

Sincerely Foxx

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