Kyle J-E – Just Hangin’

So I was not ready for this vibe let me just say. I usually do not listen to new instrumental music that much, but this album was a must hear! Kyle J-E has just recently released a beautiful smooth album called ‘Just Hangin’ and I am in love with the vibe!!! It’s the type of project you can play all the way through while doing literally anything. Entertaining guest, taking a bubble bath like I did, or driving on a roadtrip. I felt relaxed and not drained or emotionally full after listening because the percussion wasn’t overbearing and the horns didn’t pearse my ears. All of the instruments in this lofi type project went very well together. The mix also made the frequency travel through the speakers like butter along with the production. The only note I would have is on the transitions from track to track. It would’ve been nice to have a continuious motion from beginning to end. After each song I felt like the project was over until like 5 seconds later when the next track came in. I’m a huge fan of transitions and making them a part of a project. Other than that I am a fan of ‘Just Hangin’. Chocolate Hummus is my favorite on the album right now but I’m sure by the end of the week I have a few more favs. I absolutely LOVE how the keys come in over the rain sample sound. It is sexy, smooth and soulful just like I it. These records sound professional and like Kyle has been doing this since he came out of his mom’s vagina. It’s so refreshing to have great instrumental music like this in 2020 and also so rare. I found a gem in this dope new artist and you will definitely think the same thing once you download the ‘Just Hangin’ project which is out now! Let me know how you feel about this amazing, vibey, smoove project in the comments!

Sincerely Foxx

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