Kisa - Hurting

Kisa has really impressed me with her vocals on this track. Her tone and control is really good. It’s hard to do songs with this type of vibe and have it feel cool. There is something about the plugins on her vocals that gives it that not so sad vibe. I am a believer in releasing music for the seasons and normally I wouldn’t recommend a record like this for summer time, but its actually not so bad. The production in “Hurting” has a flowing mood. I can see myself driving on the 110 freeway to Santa Monica beach blasting this song for some reason. Also this would be the perfect placement for TV.

The lyrics are very supportive. She’s speaking to herself from a more experienced perspective and telling herself that she understands her own pain. That’s powerful AF! “Love I know you’re hurting” I can definitely relate to that hurt. It’s like we go through these rollercoasters of pain and happiness damn near every hour. Being aware of your emotions is so important. In order to avoid certain feelings of anxiety, depression and fear we have to be able to remove ourselves from certain people or situations that will damage us.

This single will undeniably save lives Kisa!
Its challenging in this generation and time where every artist is lit and talking about being strong and fuck the world etc. to actually create uplifting music. Even me as a writer and A&R and artist, I dont typically like or recommend “heal the world” type records. I honestly think they’re boring. I know I sound like a bitch but that’s how I really feel. I will turn it off or never listen to it again. Nice job but back to Dababy! But I will say that Kisa has found a way to change my mind. The way she delivered this track was smooth, young and wavy. I wonder if this will be her sound permanently? I would try to force a comparison like Billie Eilish but Kisa is different from her. The harmonies were unique and the pronunciation of her words were cool.

I really fuck with this vibe. Keep promoting this amazing message to your listeners. We need more music like this especially in this time of Corona Virus spreading and people losing loved ones. You are on the right track with this debut and I cant wait to hear more music from you.

Sincerely Foxx

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